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Video Tutorial: How to Stand Out In An Interview

Standing out in an interview is not always easy, but with the right preparation you will have a better chance of landing your next opportunity. As a leading talent management consulting firm, we are hired to guide companies with their hiring and recruiting efforts and know exactly what you will need to do to nail your next interview.

Here is a short tutorial from managing director, Susie Japs, on how to stand out in the interview.


To summarize, remember preparation is key!

? Make sure you’ve researched the company, its leadership, culture and any other information you can find.

? Thoroughly review the job description. Know how your experiences relate to each objective or bullet point.

? Prepare questions that are relevant to the position, the company and the interviewer.

? Finally, be sure to close the interview appropriately. Thank them for the opportunity, reassure them how excited you are, and ask them if you are a great fit.

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