Who is Wejungo?

Wejungo® is a leading Talent Strategy Consulting firm with a California executive search division, specializing in talent management, hiring processes and recruiting solutions.

We partner with companies to redefine success and set new standards for a better way to do business by providing:

  • Innovative business models that connect business strategy, talent strategy and social good.
  • A holistic approach to building people-centered, healthier, happier cultures.
  • Better ways to attract, recruit, hire and retain your most valued assets…your people.

We live our values.

Our five core values of passion, learner mindset, accountability, empower and community are reflected in every action we take in our team, our business, our partnerships, and our community.

We create success.

We know what works. We partner with companies to create success together® by providing knowledge and solutions that result in sustainable, manageable improvements.

We connect people.

We strive to build long-lasting positive relationships across various industries, connecting top-tier talent with only companies we ourselves would want to work for.

Helping you hire great people, the first time. Every time.

We provide real-time market intelligence.

We keep you updated with competitive data on the talent market, compensation trends, resources and events to help keep you current in your industry and best yet – letting you know what the competition is doing to recruit and retain top talent.

We offer our innovative New Hiring Model.

Our hiring model allows us to partner with companies of every size and industry. Our model is a flexible talent acquisition process that address all hiring challenges and strengthen areas of sourcing, recruiting and interviewing.

We are a seamless extension of your internal hiring team.

Whether you need to fill one critical position or you are looking for a partner who can act as your corporate recruiting department for all management level hires, we will create a recruiting solution customized to fit your business strategy, your culture, and the way you want to do business.

We have access. Our network is the passive candidate market.

All of our clients have critical, specialized, hard-to-fill positions that they struggle with filling. A recent LinkedIn survey found that 78% of professionals were willing to consider another job although only 18% were actively looking. With this stat in mind, your ideal candidate is a passive candidate  – someone who’s currently working in your industry and not actively looking for a job.

Our main players are a lean, creative-thinking team, dedicated to partnering with start-ups and small to mid-size businesses to help improve the way you attract, hire and retain your most valuable assets…your people.