Trying to analyze your organization’s environment including future business challenges and their likely impact on the workforce can be daunting.


A strategic workforce plan involves determining the type of talent required to execute your business strategy, addressing current skills gaps,
quantifying future talent needs and implementing action plans.

Most companies spend 50%-75% of all their expenses on people.

Time spent on HR Reporting 4% Predictive Analytics, 10% Advance Analytics,

30% Advance Reporting, 56% Reactive Reporting

There are 4 generations in today’s workforce.
By 2025 75% will be Millennials

Source: Bersin by Deliotte, 2014

If we remain agile, innovative, and continually challenge ourselves, we can make
changes where needed and ensure HR is adding business value and
helping drive our company’s success with our people.


  • Optimize a talent pipeline, leading to better resource allocation
  • Identify the best areas to invest in recruitment campaigns
  • Reduce hiring cycles by as much as 30%
  • Reduce cost per hire by as much as 70%
  • Score and sort resumes with better alignment to the job requirements and descriptions
  • Better analyze, track and coordinate recruitment efforts


Strategic Workforce Planning – Ideal for companies who want a strategy that aligns their business goals with their people and culture. We provide forecasting, research and actionable plans to help business leaders anticipate the type, number and quality of talent needed for today and the future.


Generational Convergence Assessment – Companies are experiencing a massive convergence of 3-4 generations in the workforce at one time. And it may surprise many business leaders to learn that motivations don’t really change among the generations. What does differ are the ways in which people accept information, communicate, engage and why they stay or go. We are here to help create cultures that support this convergence, because for most companies losing your top talent can be detrimental, especially for start-ups and small businesses.


Talent Planning Platform – Crucial for companies who want to anticipate and optimize their talent strategy today and for the future. We analyze an organization’s current talent potential and for the coming years based on known existing capabilities and determine where the company needs to grow to be able meet future business goals.