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Top 3 Talent Management Trends

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As a leading talent management consulting firm, we have seen the trends unfold for 2017 ? and one thing is constant: change! Companies are constantly evolving their hiring and recruiting efforts, as well as talent management strategies to accommodate the ever-changing workforce.

With Millennials entering the workforce, and GenZ on its way, 2017 is the time to embrace the evolution of HR as well. Research expert, Isabella Parks, lists the top trends for HR. Here are our top 3 trends that we have seen firsthand:

1. Companies are relying less on PERKS to satisfy employees. Game rooms and free food doesn’t keep employees around long term. Companies are beginning to provide a better work-life balance and flexibility.

2. HR is adapting to Millennials, and taking on more of a “marketing” role. This means HR is focused on creating a strong brand image for the employee rather than just acting as a support system.

3. Performance reviews may be over. To enhance employee engagement, companies are relying less on the annual performance review ? and adapting to providing more continuous feedback.

To read more on top trends for HR, view Parks’ full article here. Adapting to new trends in the workplace is something every company needs to embrace, and we want to know more!


What trends have you seen in the workplace?