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A Military Veteran Can Easily Be Your Next Superstar

veteranFrom working with over 100 companies in the last couple years, we know hiring top talent can be challenging, and knowing where to look is key to filling roles successfully.

With thousands of veterans leaving the military every year, it’s a great opportunity to discover amazing talent. As a talent management-consulting firm in California, especially our experience with helping companies with their San Diego recruitment, we have witnessed many benefits to hiring a veteran.

In “How to Be a Military ? Friendly Employer ?and Why You Should Be“, career blogger Sarah Landrum writes that veterans excel in team-oriented environments. She adds:

By consistently demonstrating values in discipline, perseverance, adaptability and hard work, military veterans have a record of success in nearly every type of role imaginable. While it may not be possible to place a new hire into a leadership role right from the start, it’s easy to set them up for future roles of increasing responsibility, giving them the opportunity to earn a higher title on their own.”

Veterans often times are the top talent organizations are looking for. And best part is, it’s NOT difficult, you need to provide the same things you would to any top talent in your organization – Landrum points out that clear communication, providing regular feedback, as well as setting expectations from the beginning are essential to setting a newly-hired veteran up for success.

Here are some tips and resources for transitioning military