Our main players are a lean, creative-thinking team, dedicated to partnering with start-ups and small to mid-size businesses to help improve the way you attract, hire and retain your most valuable assets…your people.

SUSIE JAPS Managing Director

Our fearless leader since 2011, Susie makes sure our team is always creatively thinking and living our purpose to create success together for every person we come in contact with. Susie is a highly regarded talent strategist and human capital management consultant whose work spans public, private and non-profit spheres. She spends her spare time volunteering, discovering new local restaurants and traveling with her family.

SARAH HAN Research Manager

Sarah has been part of the Wejungo team since 2011. As a research guru for over 8 years, she has specialized in the fields of business management and entrepreneurship. Now today as our Business Researcher Manager, Sarah’s major role is to manage all business intelligence research and systems administration. She continues to use her research skills to explore new places and foods around the world.

LINDSAY COFFEY Talent Strategy Consultant

Lindsay supports our clients as a Talent Strategy Consultant. With a background in sales operations and management, she brings with her a passion for promoting the importance of human capital contributions in order to fulfill an organizations’s overall strategy, mission, and values. She is currently pursuing her MA in Communication and a certificate in HR Management. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering and exploring Southern California with her husband and puppy.

SHANNON PECK Talent Strategy Consultant

Shannon is a Talent Strategy Consultant on our Wejungo team. She has a MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has a Professional in Human Resources certification. Shannon has spent the last decade helping clients build positive cultures, streamline hiring processes and execute recruiting strategies that are much different than the “norm.” In her spare time, Shannon enjoys running, hiking, biking and spending time with her family.


MICHELLE SOITO Client & Talent Manager

Michelle joined the Wejungo team after she retired from a fulfilling career in the US NAVY. Throughout her career Michelle has found herself a natural coach and mentor, enjoying helping people grow in their careers and become more successful. Michelle found her love for recruiting when she had the opportunity to help others enlist in the NAVY. Now Michelle spends her time recruiting Sales, Marketing and Operations talent for our clients across all industries. In her spare time Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and going on camping adventures!

ANNA MCGARRY Client & Talent Manager

Anna joined the Wejungo team after a number of years in sales and management roles.

KARINA MERRILL Talent Strategy Coordinator

Karina is our Talent Strategy Coordinator.  She has always been passionate about connecting talent with opportunity and is thrilled to use her background in customer service and hospitality to continue helping professionals be their best. When she’s not hard at work, you can find her spending time with surfing, volunteering, traveling or experiencing different cultures.

ANGELA GLOMSKI Talent Strategy Coordinator

Angela joined Wejungo after 15 years as a Military Spouse and Key Spouse Mentor, promoting resiliency, readiness and cohesion for spouses and families within her military community. With a B.A. in Psychology and certificates in both Customer Service Excellence and Associate Professional in Human Resources, she is excited to use her background and experience to help professionals achieve their career goals. In her spare time, Angela enjoys volunteering, traveling the world and spending time with her husband, 3 kids and 2 puppies.

HIRAM JIMENEZ Talent Strategy Coordinator

Hiram joined Wejungo in 2020 starting as a Talent Strategy Coordinator and supports our team and clients.  Prior to Wejungo, Hiram worked in Leipzig, Germany, where he coordinated international exchanges for European and Asian students from all around the globe.  Hiram has a BA in International Relations and loves traveling, connecting and learning from people with different backgrounds and cultural perspectives.  As a member of Wejungo, Hiram is excited to help professionals and companies achieve their career and business goals through our innovative and game-changing processes.