We support companies by building talent foundations, creating hiring strategies, developing workforce solutions and uncovering top talent.

Our mission is to challenge the “norms,” encourage innovative thinking and launching new ideas, strategies and processes that will guide organizations to empower their people to do extraordinary things.

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Hiring Consultants

The quality of people that your company hires depends on the quality and thoroughness of your interviewing process. We teach companies to NEVER compromise on the quality of their hires by creating customized recruiting, interviewing and culture-fit best practices.

Workforce Plans

We help identify the roles, skills and capabilities required to achieve your business goals. We help formalize the actions, processes and data visualizations needed to ensure that you have the right talent in the right places with predictive data telling you the story of how to drive better bottom-line results.

Leadership Talent

We help you make better hiring decisions through our executive search focus, spending 100% of our time finding, engaging and presenting the best sales, marketing and operations candidates in the passive-employed talent market, many of whom you would normally never see through your own recruiting efforts.


Engagement is not a one way street with the responsibility solely on Managers. We custom develop and facilitate Leadership and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training programs to help companies consistently drive accountability and develop employees to ensure they feel supported, engaged, motivated and fulfilled.


We are a leading Talent Strategy Consulting firm specializing in talent management, hiring processes, exit strategy planning, recruiting solutions and employee retention programs. We also have a California executive search recruiting division finding top sales, business development, marketing and operations talent. We partner with start-ups and small to mid-size businesses to redefine success and set new standards for a better way to do business. The Wejungo® brand represents a powerful combination of the English word “we” and the Latin word “jungo” which means “join together.”

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Current News & Trends

Employee Engagement & Motivation in a New Environment of Hybrid Working

As companies begin planning their return to work within their office spaces, many have realized a hybrid work model may be the best way for them to do so. However, the blending of in-office working, and the current reality of remote working will present business challenges that need to be overcome.

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Remote Companies Build Organizational Culture from Anywhere

Brett Putter, CEO and Author, interviewed 500 CEOs that claimed their culture was embedded into their organization. Only 50 CEOs were able to explain how. Wejungo reviews how to create a culture that is embedded into your company.

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Part 3 of 3: A Guide to Managing a Remote Team

New Virtual Culture: What does that look like?
How we work and where we work will never return to the days pre-COVID-19. More and more companies are going to continue to offer remote or hybrid work environments, and for good reason.
Facilitate an environment where your team wants to help each other without being forced to do so.

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