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Why are your employees leaving after only a year?


Many businesses are sharing with us that employee loyalty is something they are concerned about. With a growing number of Millennials taking over the workforce as well as pensions and perks virtually absent, employees no longer feel a sense of loyalty towards companies.

As a leading talent management consulting firm in California, we have noticed that not only are employees not staying at companies for the long-term, but they are increasingly leaving companies within the first year after starting a new job. question

So why are people leaving a job they just started?

Founder and chief executive of the Corporate eLearning Consortium, Martin Baker, has identified the main reasons why employees are disengaging and resigning after such short employment. He lists 7 main influences in his article “Why employees resign: recognizing disengagement, and what to do about it.” Here are the 3 main ones we often witness throughout the hiring and recruiting process:

1. A mismatch between the job and the person

2. Not enough coaching or feedback

3. Stress from overwork and work-life balance

These three triggers can be simply overcome. For companies that have seen employees leave as a result of a mismatch between the job and the person ? something as simple as a job description can help attract the right candidate for the role. For other strategies that help with hiring and recruiting the best-fit candidate ? and a long term employee ? check us out – Why Your Job Ad Sucks And You Aren?t Attracting Qualified Talent.



Have you noticed employees leave after such a short term? Why have they (or even you) left a job so quickly?