We go paper-free as much as possible, recycle and reuse.


We offer yearly internships to two undergraduate college students to help build their business skills necessary for them to move into careers they will not only do well in, they will also love.

We offer an innovative, empowering and positive environment where each and every individual’s true passions, natural strengths and personality is strengthened and supported.


The practice of social responsibility and conscious capitalism is emerging in many different business areas and Wejungo® is proud to be part of joining people, planet and profits by combining for-profit motives with benefit-for-all goals.

Wejungo® supports the practice of social responsibility by providing the following:

  • We provide discounted consulting services to nonprofits & NGOs.
  • Our team participates in numerous volunteer opportunities and associations globally.
  • We encourage collaboration with socially responsible businesses to create a shared mission growing and sustaining social businesses.
  • We donate a percentage of revenue from Referral Partnerships to a select list of charities annually.

Our Current Community Partners