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3 Tips for a Smooth Employee Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is more than just hiring the perfect candidate and training them to do their job correctly. Learn more about the impact and importance of having a thorough onboarding here.

3 Tips for Finding Top Talent

Organizations are always on the lookout for top talent, and as a talent strategy firm in California, we advise that it’s never too early to start looking. To ensure the RIGHT hire the first time, we suggest these three tips: network constantly, ensure employees have ample training opportunities and constant feedback and assessing your current workforce regularly.

A Bad Hiring Decision Costs MORE Than JUST MONEY!

We’ve known for a while that a bad hiring decision can cost companies a shockingly large amount of money. In fact, depending on the role, a bad hire can cost a company anywhere from 25% to 250% of their first years salary! (Source: Dice) We’ve outlined WHY it costs a company so much money (ranging from wasted salaries to training costs), but now there is more to consider than just lost money ? what about GRIEF?

Part 3: Challenging the hiring process norms

When it comes to challenging the hiring process norms, there are many habits that need to be challenged.

Part 2: Build and Retain a Strong Talent Foundation

The key to building a solid talent foundation is to proactively and continuously have eyes out for great talent. Here are 6 tips to help build a solid talent foundation.

A major challenge that most business owners face: HIRING GREAT PEOPLE

Many organizations struggle with hiring great talent and keeping them! At the end of the day, people are the most important asset.

One of the Best Recruiting Tips for Hiring Managers

Attracting the RIGHT talent for your company isn’t as simple as finding the prospect with the most experience. Majority of the time, a company’s top performing, long-term employees are those who fit best into the culture and have the right attitudes and performance abilities.

The 1 Interview Step 50% of Companies Are Skipping

Companies often ask us for hiring and recruiting advice ? everything from the job description, to retention & onboarding. We find there is usually room for improvement in all steps of the hiring process, and it’s surprising how a little change can achieve significantly better results. The great news is: we’re here to help!

Why Your Job Ad Sucks and You Aren’t Attracting Qualified Talent (FINAL ? Part 3)

The final part of finding the right-fit candidate is all about screening for culture fit. It’s a critical step – and the great news is – it can be done early in the hiring process – starting with the job description/ad! As a company, knowing WHY you’re in business, and not just what you do is the best way to identify your company culture.

Why Your Job Ad Sucks and You Aren’t Attracting Qualified Talent (part 1 of 3)

The best practices in the hiring process start with creating an effective job description. A simple shift in your job description/job ad can dramatically alter the results you’re seeing, from 5%-10% of your applicant pool being quality to 50% or more! Here is part 1 of our 3 part series where we’re going to teach you how to attract top talent starting from the job description.