A Major Challenge That Most Business Owners Face: HIRING GREAT PEOPLE

hiring great people

Companies generally know by now their most important assets are their people, but many organizations still struggle with finding and keeping quality talent.

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to discuss the main challenges of obtaining workforce talent, with Kevin Brown from wsRadio.com. Kevin pointed out that often times business owners wear many hats, and end up doing things they shouldn’t be doing (Segment 1, 4:08 – 4:53).

When businesses grow from small to large, business owners reach a point where they can’t be good at everything all the time, and they need to hire.

Our advice to them is: Look at what you do great and what you love, and let go of everything else. (Segment 1, 4:30 – 4:53)

The 3 main challenges that business owners typically face in the hiring process (Segment 1, 6:29 – 6:55):

  1. They can’t find qualified talent

  2. They hire the wrong people – who looked great on paper, interviewed well. so where did they miss the mark?

  3. High turnover – they are always hiring and can never catch up

This results in reactive hiring. Companies end up looking for talent only when they have a position they need to fill.

We recommend instead: companies should be building up their talent pool continuously.

Stay tuned for more on how to build a talent foundation in part 2.