top talent

Organizations are always on the lookout for top talent, and as a talent strategy firm in California, we advise that it’s never too early to start looking. 


Many companies are in a rush to hire ASAP, and as a result, rush the hiring process and end up settling for less than best-fit talent.  So to ensure the RIGHT hire the first time, we suggest these three tips:


1.    Network constantly.  If the leaders & managers of the organization are always networking, they are developing relationships that could end up someday being their next great hire, or maybe those people know other great talent.


2.  Ensure employees have ample training opportunities and constant feedback, so high-potential employees can surface and you’re retaining the best and brightest in your company.


3.    Assess your current workforce REGULARLY! Refer to your 12-24 month business goals. Do you have the people needed to accomplish these goals?

If the answer is no, where are you going to find that talent? From within the organization by developing or hiring from the outside? How long will that take?


Starting with these three tips will put you on a path towards having a Strategic Hiring Plan.


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And feel free to inquire further if you want to know more about Strategic Hiring Plans!