Write a Great Resume – Tips for Candidates

Are you considering updating your resume to get a sense of the opportunities in the market right now? Maybe you are actively applying to jobs and feel like you aren’t getting as much traction or response as you thought you would?

The biggest question to consider is how do I take a piece of paper and articulate how I stand out amongst all the other pieces of paper (resumes) that Hiring Managers and HR Managers are reviewing?

There are a lot of different ways and formats to craft a resume- Watch our video below to learn a few key tips to help you write a GREAT resume!

Tip 1: Include ONLY relevant details to the job

Tip 2: A resume should be customized and unique to YOU

Tip 3: Make it easy to read – Formatting matters

Tip 4: Give context to job transitions

Tip 5: Proactively address all possible concerns in your resume

Tip 6: Take the time to really create a great resume