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Hiring and Recruiting Changes with Generation Z



With the Millennial generation taking over the workforce, and Generation Z soon to follow, businesses need to be on top of their recruiting and hiring efforts. Understanding recruiting trends is key to sustaining an organizations hiring process and attracting top talent.

As a leading California talent management consulting and recruiting firm, we are aware that by the year 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Milennials. Next to come is Gen Z.

To appeal to the new generations in the workforce, author of The 11 Principles of Success, Deep Patel lists tips that specifically attract Gen Z, and we’ve picked our favorite 3.

the hiring processAlign your company with a cause. Both Millennials and GenZ are looking to work for a company that has a purpose. Make sure you ask yourself WHY the company is in business ? and align with a meaningful purpose.


the hiring process
Ensure a strong social media presence.
Most businesses should know this by now, but more now than ever are people researching companies through social media sites. Make sure your social media ducks are aligned!

attracting top talent
Be mobile. With over 85% of young adults using smartphones, its vital to ensure your online presence is accessible.


Adapting to the changing workforce is never easy, but it’s crucial to stay on top of recruiting and hiring trends. To read more tips about appealing to Gen Z, you can check out Patel’s full article here.