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Finders Keepers: How To Get Top Talent to Stay

top talentAttracting top talent is a challenging task in this candidate driven market, but keeping top talent is even tougher. Companies are doing their best to compete for the top hires: offering better salaries, more incentives, a better work-life balance, and the list goes on and on. questionAs a talent management consulting firm, a common question companies recently ask us:

How do we KEEP the top talent we already have?

Forbes leadership author, Pollyanna Pixton, provides her thoughts for this in Four Techniques To Keep Your Talented People. We absolutely agree with the following four tips:

1. Ownership to make decisions and improvements

2. Create opportunities for learning, coaching, mentoring, etc.

3. Authentically acknowledge people, and often.

4. Create a place employees want to be by getting to know your people, and encourage their passions in the organization.

These four tips WILL help keep employees engaged within an organization and not one foot out the door. Pixton points out that:

“[Employees] want interesting work where they can own the solutions. They want to participate in the decisions that not only move the company forward but make their work more effective and efficient. As a leader, stay in the “what” and “why” business and out of the “how” business”.

Understanding how to keep an employee engaged is SIMPLE, but it does take work. We are happy to hear more and more company’s are starting to realize “recruiting” top talent doesn’t end on their first day, it should continue the entire time they are there!