Hiring: Did you know about this HIDDEN talent market?

Too many times we as hiring consultants see companies disregard a woman’s resume and background IMMEDIATELY if there’s a time gap in her “career experience.”

So what if she decided to take time off to raise a family and now she wants to get back into the work world. That shouldn’t disqualify her immediately, right?

We’ve found that 85% of working moms are extremely detail-oriented, great with time management, excellent with customer service, supportive, driven and know better than most what REAL hard work is. Those are some majorly important qualifications for any hire in our hiring book!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We love and appreciate you working moms AND stay-at-home moms!

Let’s change this trend together and start hiring smarter. Our motto is “Focus on the DOs over the HAVEs” If you have a good hiring process you’ll be able to hire people for what they can DO not just what experience they HAVE!