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The Secret to Creating a Great Job Description

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“Can you vision the next step in your career?” Are you going to continue reading this job description?

The average job description lists job duties, qualifications, and required experience.

FACT #1: Published openings effectiveness is only 34 percent.

FACT #2: There are 4 million online postings per month.

The reality is that most job seekers spend less than 2 minutes reading a job posting.

FACT #3: Top performers never leave a job for a lateral move, they will only consider making the move for what they believe will be an ?opportunity’.

So how do you attract top talent? What should your next job description look like?

attract talentStart with your company culture. Is your company culture vividly described in the job posting? Don’t wait to for your new hire to experience the company culture on their first day – give ALL applicants the chance to see, feel and understand it BEFORE they even apply.

The bottom line is that employees are going to spend a lot of time working at your company ? and to be happy, successful, and productive, you both will want to ensure they fit your culture.

Most job descriptions/postings describe day 1 in a job. But what about 12 months from now, 2 years from now?

Start describing what ?opportunity’ you are offering. opportunity

The bottom line is a checklist of skills and qualifications will NOT attract top talent. Instead, spend time upfront getting clear on what success looks like in the position. For example what will the first 30, 60, and 90 days in the position look like for a top performer in the position?

To see a job description that stands out and attracts more qualified applicants CLICK HERE.

Are your job descriptions attracting top talent? Or are you spending a LOT of time weeding out the weak?

What job descriptions have caught your eye?