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Yes: Hiring Managers AND anyone who interviews candidates NEED interview training

Anyone who has worked at least 5 years has likely been to that interview where the hiring manager asks the typical questions like: “tell me your strengths/ weaknesses?” or “why should I hire you”, etc.

And the candidate has their surface-level answers well rehearsed and recites them from memory, anticipating some kind of reassurance that their answer is on the right track. Sound familiar?

This happens all too often because sadly, companies are not investing the time into training interviewers, the gatekeepers of talent for their organization.

Many conduct unstructured interviews, have unconscious biases and make their hiring decision based off who they feel good about. And more often than not, the candidates they hire are underperforming, not a culture-fit, or they simply don’t last.

But seriously – who can blame them? Those interviewers hire maybe 2-5x per year? So they aren’t doing it all the time, they were never trained, therefore; how could they know any better?

Here are 3 results to expect when an interviewer is properly trained:

1 Interviewers don’t depend on behavioral questions (which every candidate is ready to answer); instead, they use other types of questions that focus on linking the past performance with future performance. And most importantly, they know how to dig, dig, dig for more information (and do it legally).

2 Interviewers represent the organization AND the specific job accurately. This means being CLEAR about expectations of the job and the culture of the company – and ensuring it’s a mutual fit long-term for both parties.

3 Interviewers are trained to equal out their unconscious and subconscious biases.

What are other results of training employees on interviewing and hiring best practices? What can you add to our list?

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