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8 Qualities Found in High-Performers in the Hiring and Interviewing Process

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Superstars in business are hard to find, and often time hiring managers get caught up in the logistics of filling a job and think they’ve hired a high performer, only to soon realize they were at best an average performer.

According to founder and CEO of Startup Professionals, Martin Zwilling points out that High-Performers have 8 distinguishable qualities. In his article “8 Attributes That Still Make Superstars in Business”, he points out that top performers have the following characteristics:

1. Ability to measure results

2. Enhanced intuition and experiences into decision rules

3. Ability to simplify complex situations

4. Focuses on urgent priorities rather than emergencies

5. Identifies for the root cause of symptoms

6. Builds a support network

7. Overcomes fear of failure and procrastination

8. Understands there is gain to risks

As a talent management consulting firm, we often witness during hiring and interviewing processes, hiring managers are too focused on qualifications like how many years experience a candidate has OR where their degree is from and often overlook the above 8 qualities. Instead those who truly want to hire superstars should reflect on and cultivate this list of characteristics. Zwilling advises:

The power to think in real time and move quickly to results is often referred to as “street-smarts,” “rules of thumb,” or “gut reactions.” These accelerate your productivity, but must be continually updated from positive experiences, prior failures, and active listening. Superstars never stop learning.


As a talent management consulting firm and top executive recruitment firm for Sales, Marketing and Operations, we have time and time again noticed that superstars do have universal qualities that set them apart from the rest.


What are other qualities you’ve found in your top performers? Aka the employees who consistently exceed your expectations.