You’ve Noticed… employees are no longer motivated to advance within the organization and there is simply a lack of participation among the team. Productivity has decreased and leadership is stagnant.  Minds are adrift during meetings and little interaction is made. 

These are telltale signs that an employee is bored and disengaging at work. Lets face it, this happens to even the best employees at some point in their careers, and the key is to catch it early and get them back on track before they jump ship altogether.

In 5 Things To Do When An Engaged Employee Disengages, researchers David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom suggest to: 1) reconnect and listen, 2) manage differently, 3) set goals jump ship together, 4) deliver opportunities, 5) cheer them on. They state:  


Schedule a one-on-one with your disengaged employee, and ask them what’s going on. Is there a workplace stressor you can address together? How can you help them solve the issue? What do they need to reignite their inspiration and passion on the job? Ask these questions and listen—then formulate an ongoing plan so employees doesn’t disconnect again in the future. 


Read about the other four ways to reconnect a disengaged employee here, and tell us about your experiences.


What are ideas or things you’ve done when either you or your employees have started checking out?