Did you just give your two weeks notice and receive a counter offer in return?  What do you do?  How do you make the decision if you should stay or go?

Susie Japs has some answers for you! Here are 6 things to consider BEFORE accepting a counter offer from your current employer.


In conclusion, counter offers are difficult to navigate if they come up, so be prepared. To help navigate your decision, consider the following:


·    Think back to why you were considering a new job in the first place. Ask yourself if your current job provides those things?


·   The loyalty and trust the company had in you is lost, and they will be left questioning your loyalty. Is it worth it?


·       If they are offering you more money – how does that affect the rest of the organization? Did they have to re-budget?  If they already had the funds set aside without re-budgeting, why weren’t you receiving that in the first place?


·      Is your current company promising to change something? Is this promise realistic?


Statistics show that if you accept a counter offer, the probability of you leaving in 6 months or getting let go in one year is extremely high.

Receiving a counter offer from your employer is no doubt flattering, but it presents a big decision for you to make.  Asking yourself these tough questions will guide you through the decision process and bring you more clarity to make the best decision for you.