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How to Recruit a Recruiter


Searching for top talent isn’t easy and requires many resources that most hiring managers don’t have ? time, recruiting skill and persistence.

At some point in time most companies will need to hire a recruiter. Maybe you have had an opening for 6 months and you don’t have anymore time to waste, or maybe you haven’t been able to attract or access the right talent for your position.

Knowing when and how to hire a recruiter is essential to the growth of your organization. As the leading San Diego recruitment firm for sales, marketing and operations professionals, we’ve put together 4 tips for hiring a recruiter.

  1. Look for a recruiter who specializes in the role.
    The jack-of-all-trades recruiter who tells you they can do accounting, operations, sales, engineering, and labor workers is master of none. Having a role-specific recruiter means more knowledge and experience to fill the role as well as a specialized talent network to pool from.
  2. Look for a recruiter who has real-time market intelligence:
    Is the compensation you’re offering competitive for top talent in the market? Are your expectations too vague? Is your job description boring? These are things that could be compromising attracting the right person – and are all things a good recruiter will address.
  3. Look for a partnership.
    The best recruiter will take the time to understand your company’s culture, they will ask you questions you haven’t even considered and they will customize their recruiting process to your company’s hiring needs.
  4. The proof is in their numbers.
    Good recruiters know their numbers. What is the average time it takes for them to fill a position? How many candidates do they typically have to present before a placement occurs? And most importantly how many of their placements are still in the position after 1 year? How about after 2 years?

These are our 4 tips on how to hire a recruiter, for more information on recruitment solutions CLICK HERE. Handing over the hiring reigns is hard, but often times its critical to get the right-fit hire the first time.


What do you look for when hiring a recruiter? What makes aquestion
good recruiter?