Connecting a business strategy to talent needs.

This involves first being 100% clear on what your business goals are and then asking what would have to change in the attraction, recruitment and hiring strategy and process in order to achieve the business goals.


Did you know that when a company is forced to replace an employee, it incurs direct and indirect expenses that can add up to anywhere from 30 to 200 percent of that employee’s annual wages?

780 CEOs stated that “talent shortage” are now the number one topic on their minds.

46,000  applicants
48% try to find whether your company has the “values” they like,
47% want to understand company products,
31% take the time to learn about a company’s “culture” and “diversity.”

80% of CEOs and business leaders say they do not get comprehensive data from HR.

Source: Bersin by Deliotte, 2014

Three Things Business Leaders Are Asking for

Effective HR teams that provide metrics and analytics.

HR staff that have technical and analytical business skills.

HR strategy that is integrated with the business strategy.


  • Increased Productivity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Market Share
  • Reduced Labor Cost
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Effective Interviews
  • Improved Margins
  • Talent Acquisition strategy
  • Increased Employee Retention


Talent Acquisition Audit & Assessment – We help organizations identify the gaps between “what you know” and “what you don’t know” to successfully attract, hire and retain top talent. Once we gain a shared vision of your business strategy, we can then connect your business goals to your talent needs. The result is a customized Talent Acquisition solution that improves the quality and productivity of your hiring team.

Strategic Workforce Plan – More business leaders are wanting to get ahead of the potential misalignment between strategy and workforce capability. A strategic workforce plan will differentiate what is needed now versus in the future and evaluate your organization’s readiness/ability to achieve its business goals with its operating models, positions, skills gaps, budget allocation, and more.

Employer Brand & Culture –  We partner with you to build out your employee value proposition in the context of marketing, sourcing and competing for top talent. We help companies answer – why would a high-performer, who is already working for a good company, want to quit and come work for us? We ensure the messaging is always authentic, truthful and most importantly will strategically attract top talent that best fits your vision, goals and organizational culture.

Smarter Hiring Interviewing Workshop – Better interviewing techniques will make it easier – not harder – for HR, hiring managers, and interviewers to interview and assess candidates. Our Smarter Hiring Interviewing Workshop allows us to partner with companies of every size and industry. Every workshop is customized to address the company’s specific hiring challenges and strengthen areas of pre-screening, interviewing, assessing on-boarding and retention.