Person in business attire sitting next to two empty chairs holding their resume

In today’s competitive job market, navigating an interview might feel like a daunting task, but with enough preparation, you can stand out from the competition and ACE the interview.

Here are three things you MUST do to stand out in an interview:

1. Do your homework.

Thoroughly understand the job description, AND research the organization so you know what you’re walking into. Follow them on social media. Are they in headlines? What are new projects they are working on? Who is the CEO, CFO, etc.? What are their core values? Knowledge is power and could be the difference between leaving a lasting impression on the hiring team or not getting a call back.

2. Ask GOOD, THOUGHTFUL questions.

Remember: you’re interviewing them too. Just as much as they want to find out if you’re a right fit for their organization, you need to equally assess if they are the right fit for you.

Here are some thoughtful questions:

  • What specific performance expectations are there at 6 months? 12 months?
  • Tell me about the company’s current projects and plans for growth?
  • How has the company changed since you joined?

3. Match your accomplishments to the job description requirements.

If you can tell the hiring manager how your specific accomplishments translate into what they are requiring in the role (job description) – you’ve done the hard work for them.

For example: If the job description reads that the candidate needs to supervise sales managers?, make sure to include specifically what you have accomplished already that fits that qualification. Include information like:

  • How MANY sales managers you’ve supervised?
  • How LONG was the project?
  • What was the biggest challenge with managing that team? Etc.

Standing out in an interview takes an extra effort, preparation is key. Remember 90% of the candidates won’t be doing these 3 things we are recommending.

so here’s your opportunity to stand out amongst the rest!

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