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Women In Leadership

The issue facing women is the labyrinth to leadership: a series of complexities, detours, dead ends, and unusual paths. We review 3 areas where many organizations’ current designs are biased against women and how to overcome them: 1.) Work-Family Conflict, 2.) Recruiting and Selection, and 3.) Mentorship.

The #1 Engagement Ingredient That You Might Be Missing

With February being Black History Month, it allows us to reflect on the many ways in which diversity has shaped American history and an opportunity to consider the present and future of our work being shaped in small moments every day. Increasingly, one single standard is consistently and universally tied to a person’s workplace commitment, motivation, and overall happiness ? and that is a sense of belonging.

Do you Dare Diversify Your Workforce?

There is more to diversity in the workplace than what meets the eye. For example ? think of smartphones – with technology allowing people to view almost anything from anywhere, in a split second. Even tools like Skype or Google circles allow companies to employ talent regionally, nationally and internationally!