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Do you Dare Diversify Your Workforce?

diversify workforce

There is more to diversity in the workplace than what meets the eye. For example ? think of smartphones with technology allowing people to view almost anything from anywhere, in a split second. Tools like Skype or Google Circles even allow companies to employ talent regionally, nationally and internationally!

Entrepreneur David Tomas points out that not only does a multicultural environment promote cultural awareness, but ultimately inspires the team and increases productivity. Diverse language skills globalize the company, people develop an increase in tolerance and ultimately there is a wider range of skill sets among the team. A multicultural environment is ultimately provides numerous benefits to both the employee and the organization.

In The Magic of Multiculturalism in the Workplace, Tomas writes about the benefits of multiculturalism in the workplace, he points out:

The truth is that the age we live in, an age of globalization and where geographical borders hold less and less meaning with each passing day, is an age which craves travel and diversity. According to studies, 57% of employees think their companies should be more diverse, and that there are higher turnover rates due to the fact that they are not. If you are looking to make your team more creative, more productive, more knowledgeable and more cultured, hiring for diversity is definitely something you should be taking into account.


Aside from language skills and an increase of tolerance, there are numerous other benefits to creating a diverse workplace. Read more about them HERE, and let us know how what you think about diversity in the workplace.

What are your experiences (good or bad) with multicultural workplaces?