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Wejungo Birthaversary

Please join us in celebrating our Birthaversary of 13 years in 2024!

5 Ways to Attract Top Talent for Small Businesses

It’s hard to find great talent. This has always been one of my top challenges, but never more so than now when many tech giants and startups lead recruitment by focusing on the perks. How many job listings have you read that start with: free lunch, a game room, and unlimited vacation? But even though we don’t offer complimentary dry cleaning or supply craft beer on tap at our company, we have managed to find A-list people who are excited to work for us. Here’s how you can do it too.

5 Survival Tools for Small Business Owners

Every business owner has their go-to tools and resources that they can’t live without. They are vital components that enable their business to function. Yes, there are hundreds of tools out there and every business owner and industry will require different tools.

Raise money for your small business

Hey small business owners and those looking to get started, have you heard of crowdfunding… well let us tell you…crowdfunding is a fairly new fundraising method where monetary contributions are made by a large group of people to a cause,

Make Success Your Choice

Success is a choice. And know that it is a guarantee that you will absolutely experience challenges and setbacks along the way AND if you live by these five principles you will always make the success your choice…

How Good Is Your Writing For Your Small Business

If you are a thriving small business, and are a small business that exists in this day in age, then you must recognize the importance of writing. The relationship between writing and business goes hand in hand. It is nearly impossible to convey the message of your business (who you are, what you do, why you exist) without the necessity of words.

What Your Small Business is Saying Online

If you are running a small business during this new millennium technological explosion, you should definitely have a website. According to research, there are many, many small businesses who don’t take advantage of building an online presence.

7 Simple Ways to Keep You and Your Small Business Organized

Like many of us, Im sure you find its easy to become overwhelmed with all the demands of your small business. By allocating a little bit of time to get organized you may be able to have a better grasp of your small business (and everything else).

Is Your Small Business Prepared to Weather the Storm

Going into to business is no small feat. You chose to transform your passion into a business because you saw a need. But when a storm comes, whether rain, sleet or snow, demand for your product or service can be a little unpredictable.