Businessman drawing Brand Building concept on blurred abstract background

What Your Small Business is Saying Online

Businessman drawing Brand Building concept on blurred abstract background

What is your Small Business saying online?

You’re reading the title and thinking to yourself, “I don’t need to worry about my online look, I’ve got a nice customer base. I’ve got a steady client flow in my business. I’m too small to worry about my business online.”

Think again small business world!

If you are running a small business during this new millennium technological explosion, you should definitely have a website. According to research, there are many, many small businesses who don’t take advantage of building an online presence. This fact is disturbing, but can be rectified. Research shows that many businesses don’t have an online presence for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, your business can expand with a few simple strategies.

Website vs. Social Media

As a small business owner, it is likely that your staff does not include an IT employee. You may think that you simply can’t afford to build and maintain a website. For this reason, some small businesses have substituted a website with basic social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter). However, these channels do not serve as a replacement for a business website.

Creating a website, though may incur some costs, will return that cost to you many times over. Even if your business is very small and locally based, a good website opens up an entirely new platform. Customers you may have never been able to reach outside of cyberspace become viable and revenue returning investments for your business.

Think of your website as a cyberstore. Just as your business has a physical store where customers can walk in, view your products and services, so it is the same with your website. And with a good website, as customers explore your business online, they are able to make purchases and buy into what you are selling instantly. With a good website, you will never miss an opportunity to reach new and returning customers. Essentially, you are “on” 24 -7.

Channel Surfing
No, we’re not talking television here. We’ve discussed the power and impact of a good website, but how is your business supplementing your
“storefront”? How are you driving traffic to your website? This is where the power of social media comes into play.

Having effective social media platforms is key to driving traffic to your website. With focused attention to your business’ Facebook page and Twitter accounts, the type of traffic generated towards your website will be income producing. When using, but not limited to, those social media outlets, pay attention to your language because it is marketing. Think about your business’ marketing plan (note: social media does not replace a marketing plan); you want to hone in on exactly who it is your product or service will benefit. Use social media to your advantage.

Coupled with a strong brand (which an effective website will lend itself to), social media only serves to continue building a strong foundation upon which your small business prospers.

So what is your business saying to consumers online? Take this opportunity to not only draw in new clientele, but also increase the loyalty among current customers. Wow consumers and make them feel as though they were in your physical store. Online, the possibilities are endless.

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