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How Good Is Your Writing For Your Small Business

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The (not so secretly needed) Partnership between Small Business and Writers
If you are a thriving small business, and are a small business that exists in this day in age, then you must recognize the importance of writing. The relationship between writing and business goes hand in hand. It is nearly impossible to convey the message of your business (who you are, what you do, why you exist) without the necessity of words. And many, many times, businesses have faltered because they lack the quality writing needed to make their business stand out.

Don’t fall into that trap! No matter the size of your business or the type of product/service you present, you need an effective writer to capture your business. How will your audience know what you provide them with if you cannot articulate what you offer?

A good writer can showcase your product/service to your target market. An effective writer can make your product/service pop. The goal is to gain the attention of your audience. Think of it this way: your business is in a beauty pageant. There are many other contestants (businesses) and the judges are your audience. You are vying for the attentions of the judges (potential customers). What an effective writer will do is use those key words needed to divert your audience to you and you only. An effective writer will “shine the spotlight” on your business. As you walk down that runway, your audience will definitely be focused on you, or in this case, will be interested in your product/service.

Writing is essential to effective marketing. An effective writer will sit down with you as the small business owner, build a relationship with you, know your product/service AND know your target audience. They will research who can benefit from what you as a small business have to offer. An effective writer can use that vital persuasive language needed to show your market why you are their best option, as well as putting your business’ best foot forward.

Let’s pause for a minute. You may be still asking yourself, “Why do I need to utilize a writer? I’m a small business and it’s just not that important.” Look at the following two statements:

“?My business displays my love of flowers, shown through the variety of selections you can choose from.”

That’s nice perhaps, but your customer should know without you having to tell them that you have a love for what you are selling them.

Here’s the same concept expressed with different wording:

“? I offer an endless medley of floral arrangements that can describe an array of emotions, bringing back memories and taking you to places you’ve only dreamed of going.”

In this description, the customer can see ? even feel ? how passionate you are about your flowers, and they want that passion too!

business writingLasting Impacts.
As we’ve learned with cyberspace, once something’s out there, it’s out there. The same principle applies to words. What you say, or write, is what resonates with your customer. Which truly drives the point home of bringing an effective, creative writer on to your team.

Words are powerful. Never underestimate their value. The right words make the difference between customer growth and loss. Words, if not used properly, can destroy reputations, customer relationships, and everything else associated with your small business. So think long and hard before writing off the idea of a writer. (No pun intended *wink*)

If you don’t have the gift of words, that’s ok. There is someone out there who does. Someone who is ready and waiting to build a solid partnership with a small business and help you grow to your fullest potential. The shared goal of building a loyal customer base will make the writer/small business relationship prevail.