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It’s All About the People: Hiring Tips for Managers

Hiring Tips

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”–Jim Collins

People make up a company ? and people determine its culture ? there is nothing more important than getting the right people into the right roles within an organization and shockingly, this is so hard for many companies to achieve.

Finding great talent is not only challenging but can be completely consuming if the right strategy isn’t in place. Currently 780 CEOs have stated that “talent shortage” are now the number one topic on their minds.

Globally recognized talent management strategist, Meghan Biro, provides hiring tips for managers to assist in finding top talent. Her hiring tips for managers and companies include being mobile friendly, having a strong social media presence, and creating an authentic employer brand. She advises:

Offer a mobile portal that is responsive, fast, and functional ? it can’t not do certain functions, it really should function on a par with desktop or you’ll look like you’ve still got one foot in the dinosaur age (well, you do).”

Considering most people are operating their phones as they would a desktop computer, being mobile friendly is important for job seekers. Other hiring tips for managers include:

  • Implementing Social Media – your competitors are doing it and so should you.
  • Network, network, network – creating your pipeline before the need to hire allows you to consider passive candidates (71% of market).
  • Culture Fit. – this is often overshadowed by qualifications, but culture fit is key to finding the right candidate.

Finding the right people for an organization isn’t easy and requires thinking one step ahead and staying on top of the hiring process. We want to hear from you!

questionWhat additional tips would you provide for hiring managers?