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Why Your Job Ad Sucks and You Aren’t Attracting Qualified Talent (part 1 of 3)

the hiring process


Is this happening at your company?


? The majority of applicants are NOT quality applicants…

? You are spending MORE time reviewing crappy resumes than you’d like…

? You are beginning to wonder if there are ANY GOOD people out there…


Here is the great news…

The best practices in the hiring process start with creating an effective job description. A simple shift in your job description/job ad can dramatically alter the results you’re seeing, from 5%-10% of your applicant pool being quality to 50% or more!

…should we continue?


POSITION SUMMARY: Business Development Manager (BDM) will identify and develop opportunities to strengthen and expand client base, driving revenue by identifying prospects with which can forge a successful, long-term partnership.


? Understand ideal client base, and focuses business development efforts accordingly

? Drive top line revenue for the branch; supports efforts to effectively manage bottom line

? Comprehend financial concepts; P&L, rate of taxation, labor burden, etc.

? Align prospective clients with the branch business unit through a consultative approach

? Clearly communicate value and expectations to clients and peers

How would you rate this job ad for being an “exciting, compelling opportunity”, on a scale from 1-5?

1 = I can’t even finish reading this, BORING!
5 = hmmm, this sounds interesting, I want to know more and I may even consider leaving my job for this.

On average when we ask companies to rate this job ad, the average rating is 2 out of 5! Interesting… because that is what most job ads out there look like, right?

The problem with most job ads, like the one above is they read more like a BORING job rather than an opportunity.

We see most companies hire the people who are available today, with the most years of experience and the right ?skills.? But then they scratch their heads when that hire ends up average or maybe even terrible.


hiring and recruiting

A change in your job description/job ad can increase your applicant pool by 50% MORE qualified candidates.

hiring and recruiting
Most job descriptions are generic, BORING and vague ? and sound more like a job rather than an opportunity.

attracting top talent
Most companies hire based off degree, skills and experience ? and many of those hires end up average to poor performers.

Changing a job description/job ad will have a dramatic impact on the quality of candidates who apply.


Stay tuned for PART 2 of our 3 part series and you will learn
that the tips we share on how to attract better candidates are