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Find The Best Candidate During The Recruiting Process

the recruiting process

Many companies rely on traditional recruiting hiring processes that typically include posting an ad, sorting through a ton of unqualified resumes, interviewing and repeating this cycle until the most ideal candidate comes along OR time runs out and the position MUST be filled now.

Often times we find ourselves educating our clients that their “recruiting process” only attracts active candidates, the people actively searching on job boards.

A key question we then ask is where do you think the best candidate is for your job? Are they found in the active job seeker pool, which according to a Linkedin survey is only 21% of the market, or the pool of passive professionals, who are not looking, the other 79% of the market? And that sure gets them thinking about the talent market differently.

In 5 Best Practices to Proactively Find and Recruit High Potential Talent, Andre Lavoie suggest taking more control of the recruiting process by implementing a few changes. Lavoie points out that recruiting process best practices involves being proactive rather than what he describes as the “post-and-pray” method. He suggests searching in alternative areas – anything from community involvement to networking events, can yield more quality connections and talent.

He also advises to not wait until the demand to hire is at its peak:

Waiting until the moment a position opens up to start searching for talent to fill it ensures that employers and hiring managers will always be playing catch-up. Instead, employers should have an ongoing pipeline of qualified candidates in their back pockets. Ideally, when a position becomes available, employers should have at least one person in mind who qualifies — especially for companies that often hire for very specific jobs.

The reality is that a company’s recruiting process can be tedious if they are only relying on traditional methods. Being proactive is key in finding your next great hire!

What are some simple strategies you’ve seen or used in the recruiting process? How do you find your top talent?