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You Can Make a Lifelong Customer From Your Recruiting Process

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The recruiting and hiring process should be a seamless, positive experience for both the organization and candidate ? regardless of the hiring outcome. Unfortunately this is very seldom the case. Time and time again we hear from candidates they are experiencing long, ambiguous hiring processes and we also hear from organizations they are under pressure to hire with unrealistically short time constraints.

wejungoWe have seen over the years that if a candidate’s interview experience is negative, the affects on the organizationcan be grave.

In “Is Your Recruiting Experience Damaging Your Business?“, Joe Phelan points out that 1 in 4 job seekers would stop using a brand if they have a negative recruitment experience. He also points out:

Almost a third of adults (29%) say a positive recruitment experience would enhance, or at the very least retain, loyalty towards a brand.

Being courteous and considerate is not difficult.
Phelan suggests that during the recruiting and hiring process, act as if every candidate were a potential customer ? and actually treat him or her like one.

In order to provide the best interview experience for a candidate, it’s important to do the following:

lifelong1. Be transparent and honest about what you need someone to accomplish in the position – share all challenges.

2. Provide genuine, timely feedback.

3. Do not draw out the interview process.

4. Communicate clearly which step of the interview process the candidate is in.

5. Treat each candidate with complete respect (silence is deadly).

Understanding how important each interaction a candidate has with the organization is a fundamental part of recruiting process best practices. Following these 5 tips will allow for an honest experience, a happier candidate, a better fit and a lifelong customer.


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