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Creating a Culture of Trust

Workplace trust is a fundamental building block of any professional relationship. No matter your level of seniority in a company, trust reflects your character, and company members will only experience cohesion with the people that they trust. We review some practical ways for you to build and or maintain your workplace’s culture of trust.

Remote Companies Build Organizational Culture from Anywhere

Brett Putter, CEO and Author, interviewed 500 CEOs that claimed their culture was embedded into their organization. Only 50 CEOs were able to explain how. Wejungo reviews how to create a culture that is embedded into your company.

Why Your Job Ad Sucks and You Aren’t Attracting Qualified Talent (FINAL ? Part 3)

The final part of finding the right-fit candidate is all about screening for culture fit. It’s a critical step – and the great news is – it can be done early in the hiring process – starting with the job description/ad! As a company, knowing WHY you’re in business, and not just what you do is the best way to identify your company culture.