RECRUITING: Passive or Active: What Pool Should You Fish From?

Since 2010, employment in the private sector has increased by 14.5 million jobs, an average of 194,000 jobs per month. And the unemployment rate has fallen below 4.7%! As one of the top talent strategy firms teaching companies how to hire SMART and a top California executive recruitment firm, we know job seekers have more opportunities than ever to choose from.

Finders Keepers: How To Get Top Talent to Stay

Attracting top talent is a challenging task in this candidate driven market, but keeping top talent is even tougher. We’ve found 4 tips on how to keep the top talent you already have so employees remain engaged.

A Military Veteran Can Easily Be Your Next Superstar

From working with over 100 companies in the last couple years, we know hiring top talent can be challenging, and knowing where to look is key to filling roles successfully. With thousands of veterans leaving the military every year, hiring a veteran is a great opportunity for organizations to discover top talent.