Do You Have What It Takes to Help Your Team Be Creative?

We have learned that human performance categories like sales ability and leadership can be broken down into skill sets that are not only measurable; they are also trainable. I have pushed the competencies approach into several new areas over the years, including parenting, stress management, and even love, but the area where this approach has had the greatest success has been creativity. Based on a review of relevant research and theory, my collaborators and I have identified four core competencies that help individuals express more creativity, boosting creative output dramatically.

Dear Employers: Here’s Why You Can’t Hire Top Talent.

Dear Company,Its not you, it’s me. Well actually it is YOU.I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to interview,and now that we’ve met, here are the reasons why it’s not going to work out between us:

5 Strategies for Becoming More Influential

Ask any effective leader about soft skills and she’ll say that developing them is anything but soft. Rather, learning how to recognize and interpret emotions in oneself and others is a hard skill to develop, but critical to leadership effectiveness nonetheless. The good news is anybody can increase personal influence. The bad news is, nothing good comes easily. It takes influential role in others’ decision-making but you can do so by adhering to 5 guidelines.