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Dear Employers: Here’s Why You Can’t Hire Top Talent.

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Dear Company,

Its not you, it’s me. Well actually it is YOU.

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to interview,
and now that we’ve met, here are the reasons why it’s not going to work out between us:

#1: It didn’t work because it just wasn’t love at first sight.

In fact, when I first saw the ad for your open position, your description of responsibilities were vague and there was a rigid checklist of requirements. I wasn’t even sure what exactly you were looking for, but figured we can at least meet.

So we met.

After meeting, I concluded the chemistry just wasn’t there. There wasn’t anything attractive about your company culture, or the position. See the truth is, I’m looking for my next opportunity, the next place I can truly make a difference and be part of something that matters.

confused#2: You didn’t have your act together.

I wish you had been on top of your interviewing game. I didn’t learn about your interview process beforehand and once we met you didn’t even provide me with any kind of an agenda. I had no clue who I would be meeting when I came to your office. And the three people I did meet asked me the same questions.

AND then you said you wanted to see me again?! I was shocked because you didn’t even share with me what a day in the life at your company would even look like, so how would I know if you’re really the one for me?

THE TRUTH IS: You left me with too many questions unanswered.


HERE’S SOME ADVICE that I wish you had done and this might have worked out.

agenda1. CLEAR EXPECTATIONS: I would have appreciated you walking me through what I would need to accomplish by day 30-60-90-etc. I had no idea what you’re even expecting out of me and the fact that you’re so hasty and eager makes me nervous.

2. MUTUAL FEELING: So you want to hire me? Well that feeling has to go both ways. So please don’t beat around the bush about my responsibilities, and please don’t give me lip service about how wonderful you are ? be honest, tell me the good parts and the challenges, and focus on me.

Why would I want to work for your Company?

What if I exceed your expectations? What else can I do after 12 months?

3. COMMUNICATION: Lastly, I would need to know if I commit to you and work hard at our relationship you will help me be as successful as possible. Will you actually sit down with me at least once a quarter and provide me feedback? No, I’m not ok with just an email check-in or a pat on the back. I want you to listen, encourage and help me grow so I can contribute more to your company. Can you do that?

I want you to support my career goals by providing training and continuing education,
don’t just give me a title change or a raise, because money is NOT everything to me.

interviewTHE REALITY IS: I am a top performer. I have not only ample experience and potential, but in the right culture and with the right support I get exceptional results. I am prepared to commit to the right company, and when I find it ? I give 110%, literally everything I’ve got. I work hard, strive to improve myself and will exceed expectations every, single time. Unfortunately, you won’t ever know this…and instead of hiring smart = hire a top performer you will manage tough = hiring an average performer.


Top Talent Candidate


About the Authors:

Susie Japs: As Wejungo’s managing director, Susie is a highly regarded talent strategist and human capital management consultant whose work spans public, private and non-profit spheres.

Amanda Inouye: Staffing manager at Wejungo, Amanda’s passion lies with helping people and companies find the best solution to their business challenges.