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Remote Companies Build Organizational Culture from Anywhere

Brett Putter, CEO and Author, interviewed 500 CEOs that claimed their culture was embedded into their organization. Only 50 CEOs were able to explain how. Wejungo reviews how to create a culture that is embedded into your company.

Part 1 of 3: A Guide to Managing a Remote Team

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, the new “stay-in order” has forced many employees and their managers to adopt a work-from-home life instead of working together in an office. The following tips were recently shared with our clients who now have a newly remote workforce, and they will help you and your team be productive regardless of where a person works.

Do you Dare Diversify Your Workforce?

There is more to diversity in the workplace than what meets the eye. For example ? think of smartphones – with technology allowing people to view almost anything from anywhere, in a split second. Even tools like Skype or Google circles allow companies to employ talent regionally, nationally and internationally!