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Employee Spotlight: Michelle Soito

The biggest thing for companies hiring to keep in mind is to keep the process for every candidate consistent. This will help remove bias from your hiring process. Ultimately what is most important to evaluate is a candidate’s culture fit, their motivations and the performance of a person that translates to a successful hire, so being open minded to ALL those types of candidates is important.

Hiring in 2020: Hire the RIGHT Person the First Time

“The worst thing about having an average employee are not the mistakes they’re going to make, the worse thing is they are taking up space that could be occupied by someone phenomenal.” – Bill Gates Too many times over the past few years, we have seen companies small and large not taking the time to […]

Hiring Horror: Are you Spooked by Ghostings? ? Don’t Become Your Own Worst Nightmare

What may be a notorious and cruel dating practice is now creeping into the workplace as more employers report being “ghosted” by job seekers who NO SHOW to an interview or by their own newly hired employees who end all communications without any explanation or outright vanish without a trace. But is “ghosting” just happening to employers? Businesses need to take steps in helping create a more transparent, more meaningful, and more people-first recruitment process. Be a treat, not a trick.

The Best Hiring Practices for 2017 Include Succession Planning

Businesses that intentionally spend a good chunk of time EVERY year to develop and implement succession plans thrive under transitional periods by appropriately filling talent and knowledge gaps when needed. To help with succession planning, we’ve listed 4 of our favorite qualities of an effective strategy.

Hiring and Recruiting Tips for Managers

As one of San Diego’s leading talent management consulting and recruiting firms, we know firsthand the importance of hiring right ? the first time. To encourage the best hiring practices, we’ve pointed out five items that the top hiring managers are doing ? to ensure the right hire ? the first time.