Michelle Soito headshot Portrait

Michelle has been with Wejungo nearly 4 years. She joined us after retiring from a fulfilling career in the US NAVY. Throughout her career, Michelle has found herself a natural coach and mentor, enjoying helping people grow in their careers and become more successful. Michelle found her love for recruiting when she had the opportunity to help others enlist in the NAVY.

What drew you to Wejungo?

At the time I joined, the size of Wejungo was unique. It was small and intimate, and I had never heard of it before. I thought it was cool that it’s a woman-owned business and that most of the employees were women and while that was not a deciding factor, it was intriguing and interesting.

Ultimately, I liked the option to work with a bunch of different companies and industries. In the NAVY I transferred duty stations every few years. At Wejungo, it is not just one type of role, I get to work on Sales, Operations and Marketing Leadership roles, so it is a constant learning environment. I am never bored!

What has been your proudest moment at Wejungo?

I was able to fill a very hard to fill the Director role for one of our manufacturing clients. They had been trying to fill that position on their own for over 2 years prior. That was a big win!

I love being able to fill those more challenging roles, ones that will take true headhunting techniques. We don’t post job ads; we find the hidden talent our clients would never be able to access otherwise. It feels great to be able to fill a role that had been hard to fill for a client for a long period before coming to us!

What is so unique about recruiting at Wejungo?

One of the reasons we are so successful with a 98% fill rate is we really take the time upfront to understand what a company needs, even helping them get clearer on their expectations and what someone has to DO to be successful before they interview and hire.

We also align all key stakeholders to make sure everyone has the same vision of what the ideal candidate should DO and even help create customized interview questions for our clients so they can really dig into performance, culture-fit and other important areas. Their success is our success, so the placement has to work out in our mind. Most companies who don’t work with us unfortunately really don’t know how to figure out if someone has what they need to perform the job well and make bad hires because of that.

What positions are your favorite to work on and why?

Oh, the hard to fill ones for sure! I really like all the positions and functions we cover in leadership roles of sales, marketing, and
operations. If I absolutely had to pick one favorite, I guess I would maybe pick operations because of my extensive career and background working in that area. There is a lot of variety in each
one of those roles and I love asking good questions to really understand the company’s business model, processes, gaps and needs behind each open position.

What aspects do you like most about Wejungo?

The biggest thing is I love the flexibility! Even before the pandemic our schedules were very flexible. Working from home makes it easy to schedule things around your kids or even to work during the time of day you are most effective. I think I am more effective working at night myself.

On top of that, I love the team here at Wejungo! We have a lot of fun at work and outside of work. We have been able to do a lot of team events virtually and in person which are fun.

What is most challenging about the work at Wejungo?

The initial part of the search when we put together documents and timelines for the clients can be time consuming. Time management is a big one and we like to stay 4-5 steps ahead of the client to anticipate their needs.

Why is working with Wejungo so valuable? What are clients saying?

Working with Wejungo, our clients get a lot of customization throughout the process. We offer all clients a very thorough process which is tailored to each position and company we work with. We really treat them as an extension of our own company in the efforts we give to their needs.

Our clients really appreciate how thorough and communicative we are throughout every step we take them in. We have a very thorough 12+ step placement process and our clients always know the status of their search, including real time market intel we collect, which they love!

What tips do you have for companies that are hiring?

The biggest thing to keep in mind is to keep the process for every candidate consistent. This will help remove bias from your hiring
process. Try not to focus so much on the requirements as far as the little things, but more what does someone have to DO well in the first 30-90 days and where do they need to be coachable, adaptable and grow, focus on their behaviors, and accurately predict performance before you make a key hire.

Also, a tip to consider is that there are a lot of things that transfer from one industry to another when it comes to knowledge and experience. We always have our clients think of what parallel industries would be relevant and they love that question.

Ultimately it is the culture fit, their motivations and the performance of a person that translates to a successful hire, so being open minded to ALL those types of candidates is important.

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