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Leadership Challenges in the Workforce

As a leading talent strategy-consulting firm in California, we’ve identified two common challenges that leaders frequently face today. Getting managers to provide timely feedback and hiring managers rushing the recruiting process are two big challenges that leaders are facing. Here are tips on how to overcome them.

Hiring Practices: The Costly Truth About Bad Hires

As a leading talent management consulting firm, we’ve seen first hand the common hiring mistakes organizations make. Often times our clients don’t even realize the cost of time and money. But we know the money lost, as a result of bad hiring practices, should be a huge wake up call for businesses to do a better, SMARTER job of hiring the right people, the first time. We’ve provided a breakdown to calculate the actual costs of a bad hire.

Hiring a Woman Could Be Your Best Talent Strategy

Gender biases are unfortunately common in many organizations. Understanding the value that women leaders bring to an organization is the first step to overcoming any gender biases that an organization or individual may have. Creating a successful talent strategy includes eliminating unconscious biases during the hiring process ? whether its gender ? or something else and shifting the focus to creating a more inclusive, diverse and balanced workforce.