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Hiring Smart Rather than Managing Tough is EASY

As the hiring manager, it should be your absolute #1 priority to hire the right people. Too often, we see companies wasting enormous amounts of time managing C players, rather than investing in making smart hires. How do you avoid hiring the wrong people, and ultimately hire ONLY the right people? Here are 5 things the BEST hiring managers are doing.

Supporting Veterans – Career Resource List

The majority of veterans who are referred to our California executive search firm are smart, educated, resourceful and entrepreneurial, leaders, honest to a fault, fiercely loyal and will be relentless on their pursuit to succeed. Many organizations are committed to helping veterans find civilian jobs, and some also sponsor programs targeted at putting military spouses back to work. We started with a list over 200 resources and decided that may be a bit overwhelming for you to try to filter through, so we did our best to organize the list and here are our favorite 45 resources.