Hiring a Woman Could Be Your Best Talent Strategy

Gender biases are unfortunately common in many organizations. Understanding the value that women leaders bring to an organization is the first step to overcoming any gender biases that an organization or individual may have. Creating a successful talent strategy includes eliminating unconscious biases during the hiring process ? whether its gender ? or something else and shifting the focus to creating a more inclusive, diverse and balanced workforce.

You Can Make a Lifelong Customer From Your Recruiting Process

The recruiting and hiring process should be a seamless, positive experience for both the organization and candidate ? regardless of the hiring outcome. If a candidate’s interview experience is negative, the affects on the organization can be grave. Here are 5 tips to make your candidate a lifelong customer simply through the recruiting process experience.

8 Qualities Found in High-Performers in the Hiring and Interviewing Process

As a talent management consulting firm, we often witness during hiring and interviewing processes, hiring managers are too focused on qualifications like how many years experience a candidate has OR where their degree is from and often overlook 8 must-have qualities.