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10 Things Your Employees Aren’t Telling You

A great leader needs to drive forward and inspire the team to focus ahead in order to achieve success. But these leaders must connect empathetically with the individual team members and realize that not all followers think like a leader or even want to do so. Still those same team members are often afraid to express their real thoughts for fear of negative repercussions from the leader and other colleagues. Here are 10 thoughts you should make it a point to surface.

Leadership and Management – Become A Leader of the Best

Microsoft founder, Bill Gates once said, The worst thing about an average employee is not the mistakes he makes. The worst thing is that he is taking up space that could be occupied by someone phenomenal. We couldn’t agree more with Mr. Gates.

Beyond Positive Feedback

Formal positive feedback management can make a difference in addressing these realities. Done right it links objectives and outcomes with high retention engagement.