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Hiring Horror: Are you Spooked by Ghostings? ? Don’t Become Your Own Worst Nightmare

What may be a notorious and cruel dating practice is now creeping into the workplace as more employers report being “ghosted” by job seekers who NO SHOW to an interview or by their own newly hired employees who end all communications without any explanation or outright vanish without a trace. But is “ghosting” just happening to employers? Businesses need to take steps in helping create a more transparent, more meaningful, and more people-first recruitment process. Be a treat, not a trick.

8 Qualities Found in High-Performers in the Hiring and Interviewing Process

As a talent management consulting firm, we often witness during hiring and interviewing processes, hiring managers are too focused on qualifications like how many years experience a candidate has OR where their degree is from and often overlook 8 must-have qualities.