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Interview Tips to help companies HIRE RIGHT the First Time: PART 3

75% of companies we have met over the last decade are NOT completing reference checks on a consistent basis before hiring someone. Done right, reference checks are invaluable.

Hiring Horror: Are you Spooked by Ghostings? ? Don’t Become Your Own Worst Nightmare

What may be a notorious and cruel dating practice is now creeping into the workplace as more employers report being “ghosted” by job seekers who NO SHOW to an interview or by their own newly hired employees who end all communications without any explanation or outright vanish without a trace. But is “ghosting” just happening to employers? Businesses need to take steps in helping create a more transparent, more meaningful, and more people-first recruitment process. Be a treat, not a trick.

Why Your Job Ad Sucks and You Aren’t Attracting Qualified Talent (part 2 of 3)

How can the job description/ad sound LESS like a job and MORE like an opportunity? SIMPLE: Shift your focus from the HAVES to the DOS. Instead of having a checklist of what someone needs to HAVE for a job, focus on what someone has to DO to be successful in a job. Top talent will only leave their current roles for an opportunity ? not just a job . Those employees want to be challenged ? they desire to learn something new. A successful job description/ad outlines the opportunity throughout the entire ad.