Why Your Job Ad Sucks and You Aren’t Attracting Qualified Talent (part 1 of 3)

The best practices in the hiring process start with creating an effective job description. A simple shift in your job description/job ad can dramatically alter the results you’re seeing, from 5%-10% of your applicant pool being quality to 50% or more! Here is part 1 of our 3 part series where we’re going to teach you how to attract top talent starting from the job description.

5 Ways to Improve the Hiring and Recruiting Process

As executive sales and marketing recruiters, we understand the challenges companies, and candidates, face. Interviewing and hiring is tedious, time consuming and repetitive ? and candidates can spend a lot of time interviewing ? with little to no follow up. With a few changes to the hiring process, both candidates and companies can have a more pleasant and effective experience. We’ve picked the top 5 changes that can improve the hiring and interviewing process.

What Type of Detail Oriented Person Are You Hiring?

As one of the leading San Diego recruitment firms, our clients are asking us this question, and others like: How do I interview for soft skills? How can I tell they are truly a hard worker? To assess for soft skills, like detail oriented, there are three things to focus on.

Hiring Practices: The Costly Truth About Bad Hires

As a leading talent management consulting firm, we’ve seen first hand the common hiring mistakes organizations make. Often times our clients don’t even realize the cost of time and money. But we know the money lost, as a result of bad hiring practices, should be a huge wake up call for businesses to do a better, SMARTER job of hiring the right people, the first time. We’ve provided a breakdown to calculate the actual costs of a bad hire.