The Power of a Smile

“We shall never know the good that a simple smile can do.” – Mother Teresa

A smile is like the flu: it’s contagious. The next time you’re out in public, smile at a stranger. In most cases, they will smile back at you.

Smiling is something we do every day.

Smiling is a simple but powerful act; a lot can be said with a smile. Furthermore, no matter where you’re from or who you are, smiling has always been the universal human expression to express genuine joy.

Not only does smiling have a direct positive impact on our mental health but it also improves our professional work relationships while boosting performance and morale. The first step towards building a happier work environment is by turning that frown upside down!

Now, what does this mean in a business context?

These are some of the benefits of smiling and how it can improve the workplace.

Smiling encourages a positive work atmosphere:

Giving or receiving a smile can uplift our mood. Research has shown that smiling releases dopamine that helps to alleviate stress. This can be extremely helpful to remember when we are dealing with high-pressure situations.

Smiling boosts productivity

One of the most important aspects of business is productivity. Workplace productivity and employee happiness go hand-in-hand. When you smile, you feel more at-ease and confident and you are more productive.

Smiling strengthens relationships

Employees who smile at work tend to be considered more friendly and approachable. It also establishes connections and makes others trust you more. For example, if work requires a lot of communication and client-facing interaction, giving a genuine smile tells the other person that you are confident and puts others at ease. 

So, how can smiling improve your business?

According to Timothy Sharp at the Happiness Institute in Australia, there are five simple ways to increase happiness in the workplace and getting your employees to smile more.

5 ways to increase happiness in the workplace:

  1. Provide leadership and values – “walk the walk” and model this fun behavior!
  2. Communicate clearly and effectively – this goes both ways. Clear communication to employees, and knowing that management is listening to employees’ opinions, are equally weighted.
  3. Give thanks – everyone wants to feel valued, not only as an employee but also as a person.
  4. Focus on strengths – employees feel good when their strengths are recognized and then used.
  5. Have fun – encourage a playfulness environment and foster a fun atmosphere!

When employees are happier and enjoy their work environment, they tend to be more productive and take pride in what they do. This will promote a culture of positivity within your workplace.

How will YOU make your staff smile?