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What Type of Detail Oriented Person Are You Hiring?

As one of the leading San Diego recruitment firms, our clients are asking us this question, and others like: How do I interview for soft skills? How can I tell they are truly a hard worker? To assess for soft skills, like detail oriented, there are three things to focus on.

10 Ways to Attract Your Next Great Employee

Big Business is not the only business that can be successful. In 2015, the U.S. economy is on the uptick, and small to mid-sized businesses must take advantage. Businesses are in strong competition to attract the best and the brightest candidates. The most well rounded businesses are those with a keen sense of brand identity and stand out talent.In this article, we aim to point out ten tips to make sure your business is doing all it can to make your next great hire.

5 Ways to Attract Top Talent for Small Businesses

It’s hard to find great talent. This has always been one of my top challenges, but never more so than now when many tech giants and startups lead recruitment by focusing on the perks. How many job listings have you read that start with: free lunch, a game room, and unlimited vacation? But even though we don’t offer complimentary dry cleaning or supply craft beer on tap at our company, we have managed to find A-list people who are excited to work for us. Here’s how you can do it too.