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Dear Employer, All I Want This Holiday Is. . .

business wish list

According to recognition is a critical component of employee engagement and the underlying value throughout the entity of the manager-employee relationship.

TRUE or FALSE? A “thank you” is much more powerful than a bonus? TRUE, most of the time it is. employees want to know that their work is contributing to a greater good and helping to shape their career progression trajectory.


Today’s generation of employees want to be acknowledged for successes affecting the company and are more inclined to drive results when their work is celebrated. So here’s my wish list this holiday.

Dear Employer,

I’ve been very good this year, and here is my holiday wish list:

  1. I would love a hand written note. When I finish a big project, nothing would make me more flattered than just knowing you’ve noticed my hard work, with just a simple little note.
  2. I want more of your time. Just a quick check-in on occasion, or a mini-meeting, would be great. There are several ideas I have but we just don’t have the time to go over it, but if you checked in more often, we would have a chance for throwing ideas around or just seeing how the day went.
  3. I really want a work from home day. I can accomplish many of my tasks from the comfort of my home, and frankly, I miss my dogs and warm slippers. One day working from home would be the ultimate gift!
  4. I really need a coffee. My output of work is directly related to my caffeine intake, and a Venti Carmel Frappuccino is 5 bucks. If you could get me a coffee on occasion, it would be a real treat.
  5. Lastly, I just want to ask you for a little sprucing of my desk. My work environment has taken a beating this past year and I could use a new chair, or even a little gift card for some new desk supplies.

I’m only asking for a few things this year, and can’t wait to make the next year even more successful.

Yours truly,

Your High Performing Employee